Support Wildlife Today

You can play your part in enriching the landscape and helping to slow Climate Change today.

We are planting trees that are more resistant to disease and drought to replace those lost to ash die back and the eight toothed spruce bark beetle and actively managing native woodland, which makes up two thirds of Gravetye Estate.

An important part of our mission is providing free access to wonderful woodland trails and environmental volunteering sessions for local secondary school children and families.

Helping children and young people connect with nature can change mindsets and have a lasting impact on the environment.


£12 will help rejuvenate neglected hedgerows and lakeside habitats for birds, butterflies, and amphibians


£25 will support our weekly school visits, helping young people to connect with nature and to learn about the environment


£50 will enable us to resurface paths and improve accessibility for the wellbeing of all our visitors

£7.50 per month

A regular donation of £7.50 per month will help us plan our activities throughout the year and support more projects.

You can create a legacy for someone you love by planting a specimen tree along the William Robinson Woodland Trail.

To find out more please email