List of birds of the Gravetye Estate

In this list, the Gravetye status is a simplified one using the following criteria.

Common resident/summer visitor:
At least 15 pairs for most species; 5 pairs for species with larger territories e.g. Tawny Owl; this status also given to frequently observed species that are common in the wider area such as Buzzard and Swift.

Uncommon resident/summer visitor:
Fewer than 15 pairs (or 5 for species with large territories).

Common winter visitor/visitor/passage migrant/flying over:
Likely to be seen on most days in right season.

Uncommon winter visitor/visitor/passage migrant/flying over:
Unlikely to be seen regularly, but probably occurs annually.

The status for each species is a best guess in some cases and might change with more evidence.

The National Status is taken from The UK Birds of Conservation Concern 5 report.

SpeciesScientific nameGravetye statusNational Status
Barn OwlTyto albaUncommon visitorGreen
BlackbirdTurdus merulaCommon residentGreen
BlackcapSylvia atricapillaCommon summer visitorGreen
Black-headed GullChroicocephalus ridibundusUncommon, flying over.Amber
Blue TitCyanistes caeruleusCommon residentGreen
BullfinchPyrrhula pyrrhulaUncommon residentAmber
BuzzardButeo buteoCommon residentGreen
Canada GooseBranta canadensisCommon visitorGreen
Carrion CrowCorvus coroneCommon residentGreen
ChaffinchFringilla coelebsUncommon residentGreen
ChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybitaCommon summer visitorGreen
Coal TitPeriparus aterCommon residentGreen
Collared DoveStreptopelia decaoctoUncommon visitorGreen
CootFulica atraUncommon visitorGreen
CormorantPhalacrocorax carboCommon, flying overGreen
DunnockPrunella modularisCommon residentAmber
FieldfareTurdus pilarisUncommon winter visitorRed
FirecrestRegulus ignicapillaUncommon, mainly summer visitorGreen
GadwallMareca streperaUncommon winter visitor and migrantAmber
Garden WarblerSylvia borinUncommon summer visitorGreen
GoldcrestRegulus regulusCommon residentGreen
GoldfinchCarduelis carduelisCommon residentGreen
GoshawkAccipiter gentilisUncommon visitorGreen
Great Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos majorCommon residentGreen
Great TitParus majorCommon residentGreen
Green WoodpeckerPicus viridisCommon residentGreen
GreenfinchChloris chlorisUncommon residentRed
Grey HeronArdea cinereaUncommon visitorGreen
Grey WagtailMotacilla cinereaUncommon residentAmber
Greylag GooseAnser anserCommon visitornot assessed
HawfinchCoccothraustes coccothraustesUncommon winter visitorRed
Herring GullLarus argentatusCommon, flying overRed
House MartinDelichon urbicumUncommon summer visitorRed
House SparrowPasser domesticusCommon residentRed
JackdawColoeus monedulaCommon residentGreen
JayGarrulus glandariusCommon residentGreen
KestrelFalco tinnunculusUncommon residentAmber
Lesser Black-backed GullLarus fuscusUncommon, flying overAmber
Lesser RedpollAcanthis cabaretUncommon winter visitorRed
LinnetLinaria cannabinaUncommon residentRed
Little GrebeTachybaptus ruficollisCommon winter visitor; may breedGreen
Long-tailed TitAegithalos caudatusCommon residentGreen
MagpiePica picaCommon residentGreen
MallardAnas platyrhynchosCommon residentGreen
Mandarin DuckAix galericulataUncommon residentnot assessed
Marsh TitPoecile palustrisCommon residentRed
Meadow PipitAnthus pratensisCommon passage migrantAmber
Mistle ThrushTurdus viscivorusCommon residentRed
MoorhenGallinula chloropusCommon residentGreen
NuthatchSitta europaeaCommon residentGreen
PheasantPhasianus colchicusCommon residentnot assessed
Pied WagtailMotacilla albaCommon residentGreen
RavenCorvus coraxUncommon visitorGreen
Reed WarblerAcrocephalus scirpaceusScarce in summer; may breedGreen
Red KiteMilvus milvusUncommon visitorGreen
RedwingTurdus iliacusCommon winter visitorAmber
RobinErithacus rubeculaCommon residentGreen
SiskinSpinus spinusCommon residentGreen
SkylarkAlauda arvensisUncommon visitorRed
Song ThrushTurdus philomelosCommon residentAmber
SparrowhawkAccipiter nisusUncommon residentAmber
StarlingSturnus vulgarisUncommon visitorRed
Stock DoveColumba oenasCommon residentAmber
StonechatSaxicola rubicolaUncommon autumn/winter visitorGreen
SwallowHirundo rusticaUncommon summer visitorGreen
SwiftApus apusCommon flying over in summerRed
Tawny OwlStrix alucoCommon residentAmber
Tree PipitAnthus trivialisUncommon passage migrantRed
TreecreeperCerthia familiarisCommon residentGreen
Tufted DuckAythya fuligulaUncommon in autumn/winterGreen
Water RailRallus aquaticusUncommon in winterGreen
WhitethroatCurruca communisUncommon summer visitorAmber
Willow WarblerPhylloscopus trochilusUncommon summer visitorAmber
WoodcockScolopax rusticolaUncommon winter visitorRed
WoodlarkLullula arboreaUncommon visitorGreen
WoodpigeonColumba palumbusCommon residentGreen
WrenTroglodytes troglodytesCommon residentGreen
YellowhammerEmberiza citrinellaUncommon residentRed